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Knob & Tube Wiring At Home? You Should Remember These Things

Knob & Tube wiring is one of the oldest ways of electrical wiring and has been used as a standard way at homes in America nearly till 1930. Compared to the present electrical systems, it is not that safe as it uses an underground system of wiring. This system has two wires: one is called “hot wire” while the other is used to create a circuit. These two wires are held together with knobs and tubes and they reach to the electrical appliances through different paths. This is different from today’s wiring system where all the wires are covered in a plastic cable.

It was the most favoured wiring systems for owners as well as electricians of that time as it was cheaper than alternatives like armored cable or metal conduit. If you are planning for an overhaul of electronic equipment, you should first consider replacing your electrical system in case it is Knob & Tube. As, these wiring systems were useful in the past when homes use to have radio, and small bulbs. They can carry a maximum current of 60 amp where the modern-day equipment requires up to 100 amp of current. The overload can cause wires to burn or even lead to fires.

If your home has Knob & Tube Wiring already or you are planning to buy a house with it. Consider these points:

Safety First

The most important factor for any decision-maker of the family is their safety. Since Knob & Tube wiring is a very old practice, chances are high that it will not be in great condition. It is always good to call for a qualified electrician and get your wiring checked and for the long run, it is best to get a new wiring system installed which can handle your current and future needs effortlessly.

Improved Real-Estate Value

For any new home buyer, it is of utmost importance that the new house is fitted with all modern amenities. If your current house is running on Knob & Tube wiring, it is important to get it replaced if you are looking for a higher value for your property. As none of the electricians would approve of this old technology.

Better Home Décor

When you are planning for remodelling your interiors, it is obvious that you would want to upgrade to the modern-day lightings for your kitchen, living room etc. Most of these fancy lightings will need modern electrical systems to operate properly. So, when you are reviewing those cost estimates, do not forget to add the cost of a new wiring system.

Always Hire Professionals

If you are planning to get a new wiring system for your home or looking to upgrade an old one, always look for professional electricians. Do not rely on your local handyman, as they are only good as far as fixing kitchen sinks, painting walls etc. A complete overhaul of the electrical system for your house requires certain expertise that only a professional electrical maintenance company can handle. Look for an experienced electrician who has experience of handling Knob & Tube wiring. You should always remember that home is the biggest investment of your life and in no situation, you should let its maintenance into the hands of inexperienced labor.

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