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Hiring Office Cleaning Companies vs Doing it In-House, What’s the Impact?

A clean office is a basic requirement that every employee looks for. It does not have a direct impact on how a business performs, but it certainly has an impact on daily operations and the psyche of the employees. There are two ways of keeping an area clean, you clean it regularly or you don’t let it become a mess. In the case of offices, where people are focused on their jobs, it gets difficult to focus on cleanliness. So, the question remains, whether to do it yourself or outsource it to a professional cleaning company.

Why businesses are leaning towards outsourcing facility management service?

The general perception is lower costs or better service and that is not wrong at all. But with companies outsourcing office cleaning services, the major benefit they are getting is their employees can solely focus on their respective jobs and not worry about the office being clean. This creates a positive work environment and overall improves the employee happiness index.

Big organizations that are running huge offices and buildings prefer to outsource facility management services, so they do not have to allocate specific resources for it. Not only they provide cleaning services, but they also take care of the supplies that are required, and they are to be paid through one single bill. 

Points To Consider When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

When you are planning to hire a facility management company or commercial cleaning services, there are some questions that you should ask to ensure that you are getting the worth of your money and it will provide the solutions to the problems that you are looking to solve. These questions will vary depending on the type of business you are running and the size of your business. 

  • Will it provide a competitive advantage in the long run?
  • Will it be a temporary or recurring need?
  • Are you equipped to handle these tasks internally?
  • Doing it in-house will cost more or less?

It is important that you have a clear picture of what your expectations are and whether taking this decision is going to meet your expectations in the long run or not. 

Making the Final Decision

If you own the property, regular cleaning will definitely bring down the long-term maintenance cost and improve the life of your property. Once you have narrowed down the choices, be sure to check what all services that the company is providing. Some companies provide full-service indoor and outdoor cleaning services while others provide these services with some extra charges. What are their policies regarding cleaning supplies, scheduling services and whether it will disturb your employees? Having clarity on these aspects helps in making a more informed decision. 

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