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How to Get Ready for Graduation Day

If you are parenting high school students, chances are you have so many things going on in your head right now. Most people think the worst part of parenthood is raising toddlers and they even call that stage the “terrible twos,” but wait until they get to the “terrifying teens.” This is where you worry about who your kids are going out with, what they do when you’re not looking while simultaneously thinking where to get their graduation gown, where to send them to college, and whether they should be having a graduation party.

When is the Right Time to Prepare

These are all valid reasons to concern yourself with. After all, this is your child and like every well-meaning parent, you only have their best interest in mind. If your child is graduating from high school very soon, today is the best day to prepare for that. The sooner you get yourself and everyone else in the family ready for this momentous event in your life, the better your outcomes will be. If your child is a senior right now, the more you need to read on to get yourself prepped for graduation day.

Things to prepare for

As in everything in life, your son or daughter’s graduation is something that needs lots of preparing for. Different parents may different items in their list, but it all boils down to these four major categories.

  • College or university to go to
  • Graduation day regalia
  • Photo and video coverage
  • Graduation party (invites, food, location, and budget)

Plans After High School

Not everyone leaving high school goes straight to college. Some look for jobs to save for a better college education, build a portfolio or establish a good credit score. Others travel the world to find themselves. Whatever it is your child has in mind, it needs planning and careful considerations.

Should college be your first option, the junior years are the best time to learn about colleges. School tours are great ideas to examine. This is will allow your child to experience first-hand what it’s like to be on the campus and what kind of people he or she will be dealing with every day. You will also be helping your child prepare for college applications and study student assistance options.

Graduation Day Regalia

Another thing you need to be planning for in advance is your child’s convocation regalia, although this can be done months before graduation day. You may have several convocation gown rental service providers near you, but it is expected that as the day draws near, more and more parents will be out there looking for the same things and you don’t want to be joining the rush. If you happen to be anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area, you will find several convocation gown rental companies that offer excellent service and are known for the quality of their work. Aside from convocation gown, these companies usually provide caps and convocation regalia as well.

Get your child fitted for a graduation gown months ahead to ensure everything is ready for this most awaited moment of his or her high school life. When it comes to graduation gown rental Toronto has several options for you.

Photo and Video Coverage

As soon as you have crossed convocation gown off your list, it’s time to shop for the best photo and video service provider. Events like these happen only once in your precious child’s lifetime and you want to capture as many memories as you possibly can. Take advantage of today’s technology and hire someone to take your photos or video. It could be someone from your neighborhood or your friend if you have your own camera. If not, you can get a professional but make sure it’s not you so you don’t end up missing anything. You can search Instagram for the top performing photographers in your area, or you can ask for a referral from friends. Ask them about their experience with that particular photographer and take some time to see his previous work. Most importantly, consider his asking price. How much does he charge and what does he offer? Is this something you are prepared to spend money on, or would you rather have one of your family members take charge of the photos?

The Graduation Party

The Graduation Party

You can start preparing for the graduation party four to six weeks ahead, especially if it’s going to be a big one. Get your guest list ready so you will have a pretty fair idea about how many people you’ll be feeding and how many of them are staying over for the night. Based on your list, you’ll know how much you need to allocate for food, party invites, and party souvenirs.


A party isn’t a party without food and beverages. Shop for the leading catering services provider you can afford and take the time to check their menu and prices. One essential thing to consider when shopping for a catering service provider is the quality of their service. A great food service provider always has their customer’s satisfaction in mind and while they do have a wide array of options for you to choose from, they will always keep in mind their customer’s needs, preference, and budget. The best caterers always find ways to work around their customer’s budget without compromising the quality of the food and service.


If you are lucky to have a vast lawn, you can always have the party held at home and just enlist the help of a caterer to help you out with the food, but if you like to get your hands free and just focus on relishing the moment with your graduate then look for a party venue that can comfortably accommodate the guests in your list. It’s essential to check the seating capacity before booking to ensure it’s just the right size.


Not everyone has plenty of cash stashed away for big parties, but even if you have, always remember that this is your child’s graduation party. The celebration is meant to honor the graduate for having reached this milestone. Big or small, a graduation party should be a chance to allow everybody to socialize with the celebrant, celebrate with the family and honor everyone who helped make the event possible. So, before spending outrageous amounts of money on a party, look closely at what can possibly be the most favorable way to celebrate your child’s convocation day.

Final Thoughts

Planning is the key to achieving great results. Sometimes preparing for big events can be extremely stressful, but keep in mind that you are never alone. When it comes to food, location, photo and video coverage, and graduation gown rental Toronto has all of these for you. All you need you to do is act early to avoid getting overwhelmed.

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