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Commercial Kitchen Equipment At Home. Pros and Cons.

Whether it’s a snack or a meal you always want it to be perfect. Cooking at home is a better choice than eating out in most cases mainly because of health and financial benefits. Especially, when you love cooking at home, you want to be better than the professional chefs who are serving delicious delicacies in restaurants. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of cooking like a pro is commercial kitchen equipment. They are larger in size and offer more features than regular kitchen appliances which lures people to install them at their home’s kitchen. But before making that decision let’s look at the pros and cons of using commercial restaurant equipment at home. 

Pros of Using Commercial Kitchen Appliances At Home 

More Powerful 

In general, commercial restaurant equipment is larger in size, have more capacity and they are more powerful compared to their regular counterparts. For example – a commercial microwave oven will be able to handle bigger quantities of food at a time compared to a regular microwave oven. As it is designed to cook more food in less time. 

Longer Shelf Life 

Commercial kitchen appliances are made to last longer as they generally require more investment when compared to the ones which are made to be used for domestic purposes. So, in the long run, you tend to get a better value of your investment and worry less about replacing your appliances.

Better Features and Low Maintenance 

Commercial restaurant equipment provides more features when compared to its residential counterpart. As they are supposed to be used in large kitchens where a variety of food is prepared to be in larger quantities. Since they are made to be used for business purposes; they are designed in a way that their maintenance takes less time, as for business, time is money.  

Cons of Using Commercial Kitchen Appliances At Home 

Installation Space 

commercial microwave oven

Generally, residential kitchens are designed to utilize the available space in the best possible way which ends up making them compact. They are designed to accommodate appliances which are generally smaller in size compared to commercial kitchen appliances. When it comes to the commercial kitchen equipment, they are bigger in size and require more space for installation. They usually emit more heat when they operate which makes it necessary to leave more space on the sides. Also, they require a powerful ventilation system to push the heat out of your kitchen and in most cases, residential kitchens do not have that. So, if you are planning to install commercial restaurant equipment in your home, you should better check their installation guide beforehand. 

Gas and Electricity Supplies 

You must be very clear by now that commercial kitchen equipment is bigger in size and that means, they will require more fuel to function. They run on either gas or electricity and you must check your supply lines before you plan to install one or be prepared to call for maintenance. This will also affect your energy bills so you must do the math beforehand.


Commercial restaurant equipment comes with standard warranties, but if you are looking to install them inside your home’s kitchen you might not be able to avail the full benefits of the warranty. As many manufacturers only provide warranties on commercial kitchen equipment if they are installed at proper facilities which are designed accordingly. In case, your commercial kitchen equipment faces any problems you should be ready to pay for the maintenance cost.  

Now, you have all the information you need, to make the decision of whether to install commercial kitchen appliances inside your home. These are general advantages and disadvantages and you must weigh them in as per your situation and make your decision accordingly. 

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